#1Insurance information online

Welcome to bc-Insurance, best-coverage insurance. In these times we have lot of things, values so we have much to possibly loose or damage. You must be prepared for those situations and fortunately here you will find information about all types of insurance – vehicle, real estate, life, health, business and others. Read all necessary info to be 100% confident about what and how you need, see rates and choose from affordable insurance quotes.

Vehicle insurance

From bicycles to trucks, from snow bikes to planes – everything is precious, can be damagedĀ  – thus needs to be insured. There are many types of insurance: against accidental, malicious and personal damage to your vehicle, also personal injury (not in all states). If you can’t decide which one is for you, chose comprehensive insurance.

Land vehicles: bicycles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, cars, RVs (motorhomes), trucks
Water vehicles: boats, water bikes, yachts
Air vehicles (aircraft): delta-plans, planes, helicopters
Moto vehicles: motorcycles, ATV’s

Real estate insurance

Whether it’s your private house or business rooms, you must protect estate from hundred bad things that can happen. From cozy garden house to luxurious castle – everything can be insured!

About bc-Insurance.com

Since being founded in 2003, B-Cinsurance has had various owners, design and content, but goal always have been one – to provide you with best insurance information. In 2014 it changed owners, is completely rebuilt and headed for the big goal – to become one of 8 leading insurance portals by year 2019.